• How to proceed in the case of an accident?

    If you have an accident involving a rental car, proceed exactly as provided in the guidelines, specified in the rental contract. Notify the rental company immediately of the emergency. In the case of serious accidents, don’t take any action or consider the recommendations of third parties prior to the arrival of the police. If damages…

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  • What should you consider when returning the vehicle?

    Upon returning the vehicle, take some time to inspect it thoroughly both inside and out with the representative of the rental company and ask for an instrument of transfer to be drawn up to establish the condition of the vehicle. If some spaces are left uncompleted, scratch these out to avoid something being inserted in…

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  • Upon collecting the rental car

    Inspect the rental car thoroughly both inside and out upon receipt. You should notify the rental company of all the damages identified (even scratches on the vehicle’s body) not yet indicated in the rental contract, before you collect the car and ask for the damages to be recorded in writing. If possible, do take some…

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